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Colorado House Representative - Mike Lynch
Colorado House Representative - Hugh McKean
Newly elected Larimer County Sheriff - John Feyen
Fort Collins Councilwoman - Shirley Peel
Former Colorado Senator - Kevin Lundberg
Former Mayor City of Fort Collins - Wade Troxell



Years of "follow-the-leader" legislating in Denver have led us to where we are today with the middle class struggling to get by, crime growing exponentially and drug use devastating our communities. Fort Collins needs an independent minded, solution oriented representative who will work for their constituents rather than the Denver political leaders. That’s why I’m enthusiastically  endorsing Dee Dee Vicino for State Representative in District 52! — Justin Smith
Larimer County Sheriff

"Everyone in House District 52 needs to support Dee Dee Vicino's candidacy for State Representative. Dee Dee is the ONLY candidate that has the experience and compassion necessary for this position and a deep understanding of the complex issues facing her region and our state. Join me in supporting Dee Dee Vicino!"

— Heidi Ganahl
Colorado University Regent & 2022 Candidate for Governor


I am pleased to endorse Dee Dee Vicino for the office of State Representative for House District 52.  Dee Dee has been a strong proponent of parental rights for over 30 years.  She understands the challenges facing our public school system as she was both a teacher and an assistant principal in the public school system, and, having written policy for both education and underdeveloped countries, Dee Dee also recognizes the devastating impact poorly thought-out policy decisions can have on our community, our county, and our state.

Dee Dee brings a unique perspective to the office as she left the education industry to start her own small business. Dee Dee is committed to fighting for freedom for small business owners to run their businesses free from government overreach, freedom for parents to decide where and how their children are educated, and freedom for families to make the best medical decisions for themselves and for their children.

Dee Dee will serve with courage and compassion and is the one candidate who will fight for freedom and liberty for ALL of her constituents.  Vote for the candidate who will fight for your rights.  

Vote for Dee Dee.


— Senator Rob Woodward
Senate District 15

Ray Martinez

It is without hesitation that I endorse Dee Dee Vicino for the office of State House District 52.   Dee Dee is well qualified and will bring integrity and professionalism to our District.  As a former teacher, assistant principal, policy writer, and a small business owner, Dee Dee possess the skills needed to craft effective and just legislation.  She is committed to ensuring our students receive a robust education free of political bias, and she is prepared to introduce legislation on day one that will protect our children from radical ideologies.

Dee Dee believes that parents should have the freedom to choose how and where their children are educated and that we all should have the freedom to make the best medical decisions for ourselves and for our families.  As a small business owner, Dee Dee is also an advocate for small businesses and is committed to ensuring small businesses have the freedom to run their businesses free from government overreach and the burden of unnecessary taxes and fees.  But Dee Dee goes one step further; she is ready to ACT and to WRITE legislation that will address all of these issues.

In all she does, Dee Dee exemplifies honesty, fairness, and professionalism. I have no doubt that she will use those qualities to represent the voices of ALL of her constituents and will lead with faith, honor and integrity. We need Dee Dee, and she needs you. 

— Ray Martinez
Former City Council Member & Mayor of Fort Collins

 Northern Colorado voters ought to rally around Dee Dee Vicino’s candidacy for Colorado State House District 52.  Our community desperately needs an engaged public servant in this important civic post and I stand 100% behind Dee Dee to get the job done.  As a teacher, an assistant principal, a businesswoman, a policy writer, and a community activist, Dee Dee has done it all.   In addition to running a high-performing charter school serving socioeconomically and ethnically diverse students, she has dedicated her considerable energies to projects both at home and abroad.  For example, she served as the Executive Director for Children’s Programs for a homeless organization, co-founded a preschool for children of homeless parents, worked on sustainability projects in Liberia, Africa, served as a Guardian ad Litem (representing abused and neglected children in court), and is excited to serve as a Board Member for the new School of Sustainability Liberia (SOSL).  Dee Dee’s entire adult life has been dedicated to protecting the most vulnerable among us.  In all she does, Dee Dee exemplifies honesty, fairness, and civic-mindedness.  As our next State Representative, Dee Dee will apply these rare qualities to benefit all Coloradans.  She has my vote.

— Bob Schaffer
Former US Congressman, CO


I am pleased to endorse Dee Dee Vicino’s candidacy for State Representative for House District 52.  It is imperative that we voters vote our values, and I encourage everyone in House District 52 to vote for Dee Dee.  Many Coloradans, including me, share her vision of keeping Colorado small-business friendly, keeping Colorado affordable, and ensuring that parents retain the right to make the best educational and medical choices for their children. In addition to time spent as a teacher, Assistant Principal, and small business owner, she has devoted a significant amount of time and effort volunteering in our community with Hearts and Horses and with the Poudre River Library System as a mentor for English Language Learners.  I especially appreciate Dee Dee’s thoughtful leadership. She seeks out new ideas and different perspectives, weighs the alternatives, considers possible outcomes and develops reasonable positions. She’s approachable and engaged, and genuinely committed to legislating well. Please join me in voting for Dee Dee for State Representative, House District 52.

— Paul Rennemeyer
Mayor, Windsor Colorado

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