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Meet Dee Dee


Deborah Vicino (affectionately known as Dee Dee) lives in southwest Fort Collins with her fiancé, Tom. They have four beautiful girls between them, ages 17-30.  The youngest attends our local neighborhood public school. Dee Dee's family has been in Colorado for decades, and she is proud to be a Coloradan. 

As the daughter of entrepreneurs and small business owners and as a small business owner herself, Dee Dee understands firsthand the challenges of starting and growing a small business. She understands that small businesses are the lifeblood of our community, create jobs, and she appreciates that the work of an entrepreneur is tireless, with few weekends off and no guarantee of success.

Dee Dee’s diverse expertise also includes being a lay pastor and leading several ministries at her former church.  However, the majority of Dee Dee’s adult life has been committed to the well-being of children and families. Dee Dee has worked tirelessly for our most vulnerable children as a Guardian Ad Litem (representing abused and neglected children in family court), a Resource Parent for foster children, the Executive Director of Children’s Programs for the Shepherd’s Way (a homeless organization), a co-founder of God’s Little Lambs (a childcare center for the children of homeless parents), and an award-winning teacher and an administrator. Dee Dee understands the needs of families in Colorado as well as the intricate details of our educational system.

Having written policy for both education and underdeveloped countries, Dee Dee also recognizes the devastating impact poorly thought-out policy decisions can have on our community, our county, and our state.

Dee Dee believes that an effective State Representative must build collaborative partnerships with parents, our educators, and our community, because every citizen of Colorado deserves representation in our government, not just the political elites.

Dee Dee’s mission is to bring FREEDOM back to the table; this is the hallmark of her campaign. Specifically,

  • Freedom for business owners to run their business free from government overreach
  • Freedom to protect the economy of Colorado from regulations enacted by unelected government officials forcing undue cost and harm to families
  • Freedom of choice for parents to choose how and where their children are educated, to make their own medical decisions both in and out of school, to prioritize their children’s safety, health, and well-being as the future of our Colorado community, and to protecting our children and families from segregation

Dee Dee holds a Master's Degree in Liberal Studies with a focus on International Development Policy from Duke University, a Master's Certificate in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with a specialization in Media and Advertising from Florida Atlantic University.

In her spare time, Dee Dee enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling, volunteering in the community, reading, taking her dog on long walks in our beautiful community, hiking, biking, skiing, chasing live music, dancing, and taking advantage of all that the great state of Colorado has to offer.

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