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Promoting Small Business

Our small businesses paid a steep price during the COVID pandemic. Colorado must do everything it can to support and protect our small businesses. This means repealing many laws enacted over the last few years that have hurt and continue to hurt our small businesses.

Small Businesses are the lifeblood of Colorado.  99.5% of Colorado’s business are small businesses employing almost half of the Colorado workforce. Today, our small businesses are suffering due to the ill-effects of inflation, over regulation, and fuel prices. In Colorado specifically, our problems are intensified due to the shutting down of the state’s energy production by the current administration and unelected commissions going against the will of the voters. And if you’ve been out to eat recently, you’ve noticed soaring costs within the restaurant industry.  We also have a severe lack of workers. When we add in the new taxes and fees that went into effect in July, things are really getting dicey for our small businesses.  

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