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Colorado deserves a quality education system that serves students, parents, and teachers. Colorado spends more on administrative costs than the U.S. average, and only 53% of the budget goes to classroom instruction. We must ensure resources go directly to our students and teachers and NOT a bloated bureaucracy. Our teachers go above and beyond to help our students learn and grow, and their efforts must be rewarded.

Parental involvement in education is critical to a child’s academic success and it is imperative that parents remain at core of education and the educational choices surrounding their children.

While Poudre School District is one of the higher performing Districts in the state, we need to make sure that students across the state have access to quality instruction. We also need to make sure that parents have access to the curriculum provided to their children and that they are aware of the many educational options available for their children. Additionally, funding of schools
should follow the child. It should not be a political tool to hinder a parent’s choice or a
child’s access to quality education that fits their needs.

We need to make sure our children are prepared for post-secondary education, whether that’s pursuing a college degree, technical or professional education, or entrepreneurship. The goal is to set our children up for success and that is goal that we can meet.

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